Text reading "Power your business, Tell your story."Text reading "Power your business, Tell your story."
Phone showing a website building portal.
Phone showing a website building portal.

Design Your Website

Make it your own with lots of customization options. It only takes a few minutes to launch.
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Sell What You Create

Sell whatever you make, do, or have on your site. Not sure where to start? You can also design your own merch on Mighty.
Phone showing example sales page.

Earn & Manage Your Money

When you make a sale, we'll deposit the money you earn right into your bank account. Earn more with our Challenges and Surveys.
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Join the Community

Share ideas with thousands of other young entrepreneurs in the Mighty Community. Our Coaching team is also there to help.
Phone showing Community section of Mighty Website
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How much does Mighty cost?

Mighty is free to use! We don’t charge a commission on sales and we even cover credit card processing fees. In the future, we may offer some upgrade options for a fee. If you choose to use Mighty to create print on demand merchandise, then you will keep 20% of the money they make and we’ll use the other 80% to pay the vendor manufactures, prints, and ships your items for you.

What can I sell on Mighty?

You can sell anything that you make, have or do on Mighty within the bounds of our Listing Guidelines. Some common examples are slime, bracelets, sneakers, trading cards, baby sitting and dog walking. You can also choose to customize clothing and accessories from the Mighty Catalog.

How will I make sales?

You will need to market your business to friends and family. Mighty does not market your business for you.  We’ve seen success by emailing family using our built-in tool, having family members post on social media, asking customers for referrals, handing out posters or business cards at events, creating videos on YouTube and more. Your help here is important. Our coaching team and fellow CEOs in the community have created lots of great content to support you with this as well. Of course, sales are not guaranteed - it takes hard work and not everyone who uses Mighty will make a sale.

How much money will I earn?

When you sell something that you make, have, or do, you keep 100% of what the customer pays. Mighty takes no fee on sales. We even cover the credit card processing fees for you! If you choose to sell a Print on Demand product from the Mighty Catalog, you will earn 50% of the retail price (here is a chart of the profit you earn on each item in our catalog). Mighty takes no fees on these Print on Demand sales; we pay our printing partner to create and ship the item(s) and send the remaining amount to you. 

How do I get the money I earn?

When you make your first sale, we'll ask you to connect a bank account using Stripe. You can then cash out their earnings from Mighty to that bank account. Transfers may take 1-3 business days to show up in your bank account.

Can I have my own website address?

Yep! It’s your choice. All of the website addresses are structured like this for now – “whateveryoupick.mighty.business”

How hard is it to create my website?

We’ve made it super simple. Many entrepreneurs take only a few minutes to create their website. You can also take as much time as you want to make it your own by adding lots of customization and continue to update it.